What Is Functional Medicine?

By utilizing comprehensive blood work analysis, a practitioner can identify a vast array of health conditions ranging from blood sugar dysregulation to uncontrolled inflammation and autoimmunity. The key is not only to order the correct test, but to possess the correct interpretation of what those test indicate.  Our goal is to utilize laboratory biomarkers to detect dysfunction even before pathology is diagnosed.  The sooner we can detect a problem, the less damage the tissues will sustain.  Metabolic management includes patient specific nutritional counseling and supplementation protocols based on functional analysis of laboratory testing. 

Functional Medicine And Clinical Nutrition:

Are You Tired Of Being Told Your Symptoms Are Normal Or That They Are In Your Head?

If so, call today and ask about our Super-Chem panel. This can even be done in the comfort of your own home, as we offer phone and/or Skype consultations and reports.

Unfortunately, it is common practice today to have very minimal lab test ordered due to insurance regulation. In order to have a complete understanding of a persons health, it is imperative to have a complete lab analysis performed on a routine basis to assess changes in physiology.  Changes in your physiology can occur very rapidly due to a multitude of reasons, including physical and/or emotional stress, genetic predisposition, mold exposure, toxicity, infections, poor dietary intake, medication reactions, etc.  Therefore, contact us today to see if our approach is right for you.  

Click the icon below to see the complete PDF version of a Functional Lab Report, and the extensive list of over 60 different laboratory biomarkers tested with our Super-Chem.

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