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Chiropractic done different

The Kempinski Clinic provides a unique approach to chiropractic care with a specific understanding of how the brain interacts with the body, and vice versa. This expertise allows The Kempinski Clinic to achieve desired results quicker and with less frequent visits - the real value of less frequent visits - saving you both time and money.

Do not expect your traditional in and out adjustment on a multiple times per week schedule.

Chiropractic care, like everything else at The Kempinski Clinic is fully customized and specific to you.

Chiropractic visits are booked as 30 minute appointments to allow that additional 1:1 time with the doctor and may include adjunct therapies such as soft tissue mobilization, post isometric relaxation (PIR) stretching, rehab exercises and/or cupping therapy. Be prepared to spend a total of 60 minutes in clinic, as the doctor typically offers complimentary usage of our healing modalities immediately following your chiropractic session. 


PLEASE NOTE: It is because of this custom approach, extended 1:1 time directly with the doctor, and inclusion of any additional therapies needed, that The Kempinski Clinic in unable to accept insurance for your visit.

If you have out of network chiropractic benefits and would like to request a superbill to submit to your insurance the office will supply you with one.

The Kempinski Clinic Dr. Thomas Kempinski Chiropractic Brain Rehab Sports Rehab

If this is the level of care you are looking for in a Chiropractor

please call our office (860) 391-8482 

and let them know you would like to schedule your initial exam.

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