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The kempinski clinic dr. thomas kempinsk


We believe you are not stuck with the brain you have.

"With the right therapy, you can create changes in both the structure and function of the brain.

We can take advantage of this by restoring balance and function that has been lost due to injury or illness -

and by strengthening specific circuits and networks for optimal performance"

-Dr. Thomas Kempinski DC DACNB


neurorehabilitation program

The Kempinski Clinic's signature 7-day neurorehabilitation program was coined "Brain Camp" by one of our patients and it instantly became the perfect fit.

Brain Camp is when patients travel to our clinic, on the beautiful Connecticut shoreline for a full week of 1:1 treatment with Dr. Thomas Kempinski. 

This is a completely custom protocol, that targets your specific areas of neurologic imbalance, utilizing the principles of neuroplasticity to restore balance and regain optimal neurologic function.

In order for you to re-wire and re-organize neural pathways, it requires the appropriate therapy, at the appropriate frequency and intensity, under close examination of the doctor.  This approach allows us to stress the system enough to create optimal results and lasting change, but not too much that we exceed your metabolic capacity.

This is where Dr. Thomas Kempinski excels, with his deep understanding of neuroscience and his clinical expertise, you can feel confident you are in capable hands.

It is important to note that neurologic symptoms are not a requirement to become a Brain Camp patient. Many people utilize this approach to optimize brain performance and prevent early cognitive decline. 

Time is passing quickly...

Please do not wait for symptoms to develop or worsen.


Take action today.


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take a look inside your brain

the kempinski clinic neurofeedback brain rehab neuro rehab neuroplasticity

Neurofeedback has become known as a proven method to address neurological complaints, that is both non-invasive and comfortable for the patient.

Cutting edge technology provides the answer for what exactly is going on in your brain.

Brain Mapping is cutting edge technology that allows us to track electrical activity in your brain as well as connectivity between neurons.

The same technology can then be used for neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback is a highly specific form of biofeedback where the brain activity is monitored in real time, identifying any irregularities and then delivering feedback to guide the brain back into a healthy and optimal firing pattern.

The brain begins to learn these new patterns with repetition, creating positive neuroplastic changes in the brain. This results in the brains ability to better regulate itself, ultimately providing relief for most neurological symptoms, especially anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADHD, and so much more.

Call the office at (860) 391-8482 to schedule your 30 minute Brain Mapping appointment.




Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Neuro Rehab Functional Neurology Dr. Thomas Kempinski The Kempinski Clinic

High end HBOT built for quality and your comfort - with a glass window to let in light and a soft quilted interior.

Bring your favorite book in or secure your phone in the holder to watch your favorite show while you relax during your treatment.

We are thrilled to offer hard chamber hyperbaric oxygen therapy to our Brain Camp patients and to the local Connecticut public.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) increases the amount of oxygen your blood can carry. Each cell in the body needs oxygen to repair, enhance, and preserve cellular function. Breathing oxygen at pressures greater than sea level helps inundate the body with enhanced oxygen, leading to a cascade of positive health benefits. This oxygen floods the body to dissolve deep into your lymph, tissue, and cerebrospinal fluid. Your blood carries this oxygen throughout your body — this helps your body to heal.

Hyperbaric oxygen can also rejuvenate the skin and other organs, helping to rid them of toxins. At the same time, swelling and inflammation from injuries can be reduced, and tissues become less susceptible to infection. HBOT has been found to strengthen the immune system, stimulate the release of stem cells, and enhance mitochondrial function and regeneration.

While HBOT is used in the clinic for a wide range of symptoms including fatigue, inflammation, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia and migraines it is the promising research revealing that regular low pressure HBOT use can improve brain cognition and function in stroke and TBI sufferers that makes HBOT a Brain Optimization must have.

Call the office at (860) 391-8482

to schedule your 60 minute

hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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