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The Kempinski Clinic is located on the picturesque Connecticut shoreline, in the charming town of Old Saybrook.

Patients from all over the world are seen here, both virtually and in person, so we built the clinic to be everything you need it to be-

inviting, comfortable and a safe place to heal.


Described as "the perfect place for healing." 


Brain Optimization

Neuro Rehab Specialist

Dr. Thomas Kempinski The Kempinski Clinic Functional Neurology Neuro Rehab Concussion Recovery Dysautonomia doctor

Known as "the brain guy"

"I will never forget watching the families face, as they knew they had their loved one back." -Dr. T


As a student, Dr. Thomas Kempinski witnessed a patient who had been all over the world for treatment, and completely lost hope, transform in front of his eyes. He knew at that moment, that he had no other choice but to master the brain so he could do the work he was called to do, and serve you.

Dr. Thomas Kempinski believes that as a clinician, he is obligated to deliver the most comprehensive, up to date care that is available.

It is because of this belief, and his avid learning, that Dr. T created The Kempinski Clinic "Brain Camp" - a  7-day intensive neuro rehab program.

Dr. T wanted his patients to be confident they were investing in the treatment that would give them the best possible chance at optimizing their brain health, through the principles of neuroplasticity.

What is truly unique about Dr. Thomas Kempinski is his ability to completely customize care to each patient he works with, making sure that their experience is tailored to their specific needs and goals. This attention to specificity gives his patients confidence that they are receiving the highest level of care.

Dr. T has successfully applied this evidence based approach with every patient, from young females suffering with dysautonomia to pro athletes with post concussion syndrome, and everyone in between.


Functional Medicine

Clinical Neuroscience & Positive Psychology

DR. CYNTHIA KEMPINSKI - the kempinski clinic - functional medicine and clinical neuroscience and positive psychology
Dr. Cynthia Kempinski Functional Medicine and Neuroplasticity and positive psychology and mindset

The doctor who listens.

Dr. Cynthia Kempinski built a fully virtual functional medicine practice that has guided thousands of patients, from all over the world, to overcome chronic symptoms like brain fog and fatigue.

It was through her own personal struggles with her health that Dr. Cynthia went on to create The Kempinski Protocol, a unique 1:1 experience, that thoroughly investigates the reason for your symptoms and then creates a custom plan, specific to you. It is this level of knowledge and guidance that sets Dr. Cynthia apart.

Although her specialty is in Functional Medicine, it is her strong focus in Clinical Neuroscience and Positive Psychology that she attributes to her patient’s high success rates. Her ability to zoom out and gain a comprehensive overview of both brain and body is a skill she has become known for.

While everyone else is jumping on the newest fad, Dr. Cynthia's patients know the real value is specifically addressing your unique biology, chemistry, neurology etc to transform you into your vision of success.

Dr. Cynthia Kempinski is an expert speaker on the brain and neuroplasticity.

To inquire about booking Dr. Cynthia Kempinski for a podcast or live interview please email

Ready to see if The Kempinski Clinic is the right place for you?

In order to save time, and be sure our services are a good fit for you,

The Kempinski Clinic offers complementary virtual consultations, called discovery calls.

Your discovery call will be a 15 minute video chat with Dr. C.

This is your opportunity to share more about your history, symptoms, goals and receive recommendations on what care would be best for you.

book a discovery call today!

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