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At The Kempinski Clinic, we understand the complexity of the nervous system, and its intricate control over all function of the human body.  Our focus is to offer a multidimensional approach addressing the integrity of the neurological, metabolic and structural aspects of human kind.  This methodology allows our clinic to successfully manage a vast array of patient needs, ranging from optimizing brain and athletic performance, to improving symptomatology associated with chronic debilitating conditions.  Our rehabilitation protocols are based on well researched concepts proving that the brain is always changing, and can learn and develop new neuronal connections (synaptogenesis) based on its environment and stimulation.  This concept is known as NEUROPLASTICITY.  To find out more, click the icon below.

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Dr. Thomas and Cynthia Kempinski are very passionate and excited about helping you achieve your health milestones.  

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“After only one treatment session with Dr. Kempinski, I noticed a drastic decrease in hand tremors, especially when driving, and attempting to eat with a utensil”

—  G.W., Parkinson's

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