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Dr. Cynthia Kempinsk‪i‬: The Science Behind Vision Planning

Learn the science behind visualization, vision planning, and vision boarding. In this episode, Dr. Cynthia will give you tips and tricks on vision planning to ensure you leave feeling confident.

Click the image below to listen to the full episode:

GUIDE Culture Podcast:

The GUIDE Culture® podcast drops new juice every week, providing tangible takeaways to level up your sales, communication and leadership skills. Founder, Loy Day, and Co-CEO's, Macy McNeely and Kathryn Shubert, answer your questions centered around personal growth, entrepreneurship and all things sales. They deliver quick wins every week with a mixture of inspiration and motivation. At GUIDE Culture®, we are passionate about making sales cool again and helping you reach your full potential in all parts of life. Sit back and enjoy the juice.

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