Functional Neurology And Neuro-Rehabilitation:

By utilizing a comprehensive neurologic examination with trained observational skills in detecting subtle biomarkers of the nervous system, a practitioner can accurately identify areas of dysfunction.  If the complexity of the nervous system is understood, specific therapeutic interventions can be utilized to strengthen areas of weakness, and promote synaptogensis (connections and communication between neurons), based on the well researched principle of NEUROPLASTICITY.  This principle explains how a stroke patient can regain function of an area after the occurrence of permanent damage and neuronal loss. The brain is in a constant state of change; therefore, get yours checked today to ensure that it is changing for the better.

The initial visit for a neurological evaluation is very comprehensive.  A thorough history is taken, followed by a complete physical and neurological examination. Cognitive assessments and balance are measured with C3 Logix, and the RightEye patented eye tracking software is used to measure eye movements, which gives the clinician an accurate window into brain function that is patient friendly and easy to understand. This process could last 1-1.5 hours in length and follow up testing may be recommended. It is imperative to send in advance, or bring all pertinent medical records to the initial visit.

Media On Functional Neurology:

ABC News Documentary On Functional Neurology:

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