ReBuilder Electrotherapy:

This modality is a form of electrotherapy used to strengthen and rehabilitate the peripheral nerves, decrease muscular pain, and increase nerve/muscular strength, joint stability and overall function. When you first turn the Rebuilder on, it sets its output parameters for your physical mass by measuring the electrical analog and digital impedance of your body. It knows if it is treating a 125 lb. woman or a 350 lb. man. If you use the Rebuilder directly on your lower back, it knows that. You would obviously need a different amount of signal for variations like these. This is a unique safety feature of the Rebuilder. No other unit offers this level of safety.  The Rebuilder then sends out a “test” signal that represents the most common waveform for healthy peripheral nerves. This signal goes from one foot, up the leg to the nerve roots in your back, down the other leg, and to the other foot. If you are suffering from peripheral neuropathy (pain, weakness, and/or pins and needles in the extremities) ask about our peripheral neuropathy rehabilitative therapy (PNRT) today.

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