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Book Brain Optimization/Brain Injury Rehab Services with Dr. Thomas Kempinski:

Is your brain not what it used to be?

Do you suffer from neurologic complaints?

Have you had a significant head injury recently or in the past?

Have you been diagnosed with the following: concussion, post-concussion syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), neuro-developmental delays (Autism, Asperger's, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder), or neuro-degeneration (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Dementia)?

If so, this is the place to begin. Schedule at The Kempinski Clinic to enjoy a thorough evaluation that will provide you the path to regaining optimal health and function through brain optimization therapies. 

In order to begin, book your Comprehensive Neurologic Evaluation today with the link below. 

What you need to know?

1) Have intake forms completed ideally 1 week prior to your scheduled appointment to allow the doctor sufficient time to review your case. These forms are easily completed online through the Healthie App or website once you book your appointment. You will be prompted to set up your Healthie account via email if you were manually booked by a Kempinski Clinic staff member.

2) Wear athletic clothing so the doctor can easily access the upper and lower extremities. 

3) Prepare for a 180 minute examination. Please arrive 20 minutes early, or prepare an additional 20 minutes added to the examination if you would like to enjoy our complimentary full body massage chairs in our relaxation area. 

4) Advanced diagnostic testing includes the following:


  • RightEye eye tracking software to evaluate the integrity of your eye movements. Eye movements are the windows into brain function, and provide a wonderful therapy to improve and optimize brain function. 

  • Computerized dynamic posturography to accurately measure your balance and provide you with a stability score for fall risk. 

  • C3 Logix digital cognitive assessment to provide information on brain health in regards to symptom severity, processing speed, orientation, memory, attention, and reaction time. 

5) We look for proper function with our testing. If we find areas of dysfunction, we then apply a vast array of neuro-rehabilitative therapies to create neuroplasticity - the brains ability to re-organize and change in the presence of stimulation. 

6) Dr. Thomas Kempinski will go over all findings same day and determine if you are a candidate for a neuro-rehabilitative program.

The good news! You are never stuck with the brain you have.

Your journey to better health starts here!

Click the "select" icon below to schedule your comprehensive neurologic evaluation today.

What happens after you complete your comprehensive neurologic evaluation?

Spend the week re-training your brain for optimum performance with Dr. Kempinski.

Once your evaluation is complete, Dr. Thomas will review all findings with you and determine if you are a candidate for a neuro-rehabilitative program. 

If you are, the next step is to purchase and schedule your one-week (5 day minimum) of neuro-rehabilitation. You will be asked to commit 5 consecutive days to the our clinic. The treatment sessions are 60 minutes in length and involve one-on-one interaction with Dr. Kempinski for him to evaluate you in real time to assess how you respond to the therapies. We never want to overly exceed your metabolic capacity, which is why Dr. Kempinski makes it a point to evaluate you the entire treatment session. In between treatment sessions, you will perform a variety of therapeutic healing modalities, such as NormaTec Compression Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Near/Far Red Light Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and/or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. The modalities are determined by Dr. Kempinski based on what is presumed to give you the greatest results. Please be prepared to commit between 5-7 hours per treatment day with us. The final day will consist of a complete neurologic re-evaluation to compare pre and post-findings. You will have the comfort of knowing your brain has improved, not only by the way you feel, but by the improvement in quantitative data measures by our advanced diagnostic testing. 


In order for your brain to make long-lasting changes for the good, we must have sufficient intensity with therapy to promote the desired changes.

Our goal is to target areas of neurologic imbalance and utilize the principles of neuroplascticity to regain appropriate function. The way your brain behaves now, is largely due to the habits and neuroplascticity you have developed over time. In order for us to re-wire and re-organize neural pathways, it requires you doing the appropriate therapy, at the appropriate frequency and intensity, specific solely to you and your needs.

It is important to note that neurologic symptoms are not a requirement to seek out this type of care. Many people utilize this approach to optimize brain performance and prevent early brain decline. Brain optimization and prevention is the name of the game, as all people should be concerned with the health of the organ that makes us who we are. The last thing anyone wants or needs is a poorly functioning brain. Who has time for that? 

Do not wait until a condition develops, take action today!

If you have any questions about this approach, feel free to ask. 

Upon completing your examination, book your neuro-rehabilitative program by selecting the link below, and prepare to begin the journey to a better functioning brain. 

The Kempinski Clinic now offers baseline screening assessments for athletes!

Does your child play a contact sport (football, rugby, soccer, hockey, etc)?

Has your child already sustained a head injury within or outside of a sport?

Are you curious about how your child's brain is performing with cognitive task, such as reading and learning is school?

If so, then schedule a Concussion Baseline Screening today. This 90 minute appointment will include the following advanced diagnostic testing to help evaluate your child's brain performance:


  • RightEye eye tracking software to evaluate processing speed and reaction time 

  • Computerized dynamic posturography to accurately measure balance and provide a stability score for fall risk. 

  • C3 Logix digital cognitive assessment to provide information on brain health in regards to symptom severity, processing speed, orientation, memory, attention, and reaction time. 

Do not make the mistake of relying solely on Impact testing. There are many cases where the "return to play" protocol is started to soon due to faulty test taking and lack of sensitivity. Each concussion compounds upon the previous if not managed appropriately. Lets ensure your child is not a victim of this scenario. 

Book your child's appointment today!

This evaluation has no age, sport, or occupation restriction. Anyone and everyone can benefit from the knowledge acquired through this cutting edge technology.


Report of findings will be given the same day,  

It is recommended that we begin with a baseline assessment prior to a head injury/start of a new season. We can then use that baseline test to compare to a test performed in case of a concussion/head injury sustained. This will provide the best probability of ensuring your child does not return to play to soon. 

Please feel free to contact The Kempinski Clinic with any questions. 

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